WaterOne suggests rescheduling sprinkler use for Tuesday, Thursday and weekends

Alright: before we get into this next story, I need you all to promise me that you’re not going to freak out and start filling up your bathtubs and sitting next to them with a shotgun in the middle of the night muttering, “Ain’t nobody takin’ my water…”

Because there is definitely, 100 percent, not a water shortage. Got that? Plenty of water to go around.

The area impacted by the pressure issues.

But…WaterOne, the county’s water utility, is gently suggesting that customers in north Leawood and south Prairie Village consider adjusting their lawn watering routines to help smooth out demand and restore consistent pressure.

WaterOne spokeswoman Mandy Cawby says peak demand times Monday, Wednesday and Friday caused by residential customers using their sprinklers have led to pressure issues in two parts of the county.

“It’s kind of like gunning the engine on your car,” she said. “It’ll get you there, but it isn’t very efficient.”

Cawby said while supply continues to keep up with demand throughout the county, residents can ensure proper pressure by watering their lawns on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend.

“The area has special challenges because of the lay of the land, the age of the system and how the pipes are configured,” she said. “If you’re having pressure problems, you can help yourself and your neighbors by avoiding watering during the peak hours.”