Send us your questions for the Kansas legislature candidates

When the yards start filling up with red, white and blue signs and mailboxes start filling up with appeals for donations, it can only mean one thing: an election is just around the corner.

Indeed, the primaries for all seats in the Kansas legislature are Aug. 7. As we’ve done in elections past, we’ll be submitting a five-item questionnaire to candidates running for seats that would represent our coverage area.

They are:

Senate Dist. 7: Republicans David Harvey and Kay Wolf

House Dist. 19: Republicans Bruce Belanger and Stephanie Clayton

House Dist. 20: Republicans Mark Read and Rob Bruchman

House Dist. 25: Democrats Megan England and Scott Gregory; and Republicans Stephen Foster, Bill Griffith and Melissa Rooker

(We’ll do the same thing prior to the general election, so you’ll hear from those candidates who don’t face a primary challenger at present then).

To develop our questionnaire, we rely heavily on input from our readers — so we want to hear from you! What issues facing the state do you think are most pressing? What local issues do you want to hear the candidates address?

Email us, post a message on our Facebook page, send us a Tweet, or give us a call at 913-626-6273 before the end of this week, and we’ll take your input into consideration as we develop our questionnaire for the candidates.