‘Garage sales’ of unclaimed storage container items miff Fairway neighbors

The woman holding the sale on 62nd Terr. left large items out on the lawn overnight.

Baffled by a scene reminiscent of the yard in “Everything Must Go,” a group of Fairway neighbors are lobbying city hall to restrict the kind of garage and yard sales permitted there.

Twice in the past month, the aunt of the woman who owns a house near the intersection of W 62nd Terr. and Delmar has put dozens of items out on the lawn in loosely organized “garage sales” that last four days. She leaves the sale items out on the yard overnight, creating what neighbors say is an aesthetic nightmare and possibly an attractive nuisance for thieves.

But Fairway law at present only restricts the number of times a homeowner can display signs promoting garage sales — not the actual garage sales themselves. Neighborhood residents say they’re considering petitioning the city’s Administrative Committee to explicitly limit the number of sales residents can host per year.

A neighbor says the woman organizing the sales on W 62nd Terr. told her that she had purchased the contents of an unclaimed storage container and was selling them at the house. The home had been occupied by a renter until about a month ago but is now vacant.

Fairway Police Chief Mike Fleming contacted the woman during the most recent sale, held last weekend, and reported that she didn’t intend to hold additional sales on the property.