Postmaster claims clusterboxes were intended as ‘temporary measure’

In a letter delivered to Reinhardt Estates neighborhood residents, Postmaster Russell Jacobson claims that the cluster mailboxes installed without any notice to residents were a “temporary” measure — contradicting statements the Postal Service’s spokesman made in the days after the boxes were installed.

The letter from Postmaster Russell Jacobson. Click to enlarge.
In the letter, Jacobson apologizes for “the temporary change of mail delivery you are experiencing due to dog related events. It was necessary to alter mail delivery while the Postal Service investigated the severity of the issue.”

But Richard Watkins, a local Postal Service employee, told on May 29 that the agency planned to pour concrete foundations and make the boxes permanent as soon as possible. According to Jacobson, however, the service was just using the clusterboxes as a temporary measure while his office conducted an investigation:

This was an immediate response to protect Postal Letter Carriers and customers from dog related threats until a full investigation was completed and a resolution was determined…

Thank you for your patience as we looked into the matter to better assess the situation. I am extremely pleased with the local support we received from the community during this time.