Postal Service removes Fairway clusterboxes — then puts them right back

On Thursday evening, this clusterbox was back in Liz Paulk’s front yard.

The cluster boxes are gone! And…they’re back again! But they’re going away soon!

Reinhardt Estates neighbors Wednesday and Thursday watched a mystifying series of events as Postal Service workers removed the controversial cluster mailboxes from around the neighborhood only to reinstall them several hours later.

Neighborhood resident Liz Paulk said that “as fast as it was dropped in my front yard,” a clusterbox was removed on Wednesday. But by Thursday evening, the large, metal box was back on Paulk’s property.

Postal Service spokesman Richard Watkins confirmed that the cluster boxes will be removed permanently and said that door-to-door delivery for all homes in the area except the four with dogs deemed threatening by the Postal Service resumed Thursday. He said the clusterboxes had to be put back after their brief removal so the Postal Service could continue delivering mail to the four homeowners until the service can confirm that they have received a letter outlining the agreed upon solutions. Each of the four homeowners will come to the Post Office to pick up their mail until they install an individual curbside box or rent a PO box. Every other house in the area will have door-to-door delivery.

“Once these four customers recieve their letter, and USPS verifies that non-[clusterbox] deliveries can resume, USPS will remove the temporary [cluterboxes],” Watkins said via email.