94 years old and still not missing a beat: Prairie Village resident honored for medical mission work

Dr. Herbert Davis and daughter Nancy get set to head out to The K, where Davis sat in the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat.

Prairie Village resident Herbert Davis’s neighbor Kari Bowles says she is inspired by the way the 94-year-old retired doctor lives. Yesterday, thousands of fans at Kauffman Stadium got to see why.

The Royals honored Davis Wednesday with a ticket for the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat, a recognition of the remarkable international medical work he has done.

Davis has made 23 trips to Haiti already to give medical, sanitary and educational aid. And he’s got a 24th trip on the books. With his wife Nettie, who passed away, he helped build a school there that’s provide a solid education for hundreds of children.

Bowles said she and her family marvel at his vigor.

“At 94, he mows his own lawn (he won’t let us do it because he says that it is his exercise), he has beautiful flower gardens, and he takes a medical missions trip every year to Haiti where he has a community of children on a special feeding plan,” she said. “He is a master storyteller and is truly a special person.”