SureWest cable considering expanding into Prairie Village

Prairie Village City Administrator Quinn Bennion reported earlier this week that Sure West communications, a traditional cable company that offers high speed internet and home phone services as well, is considering whether to enter the Prairie Village market.

The company recently completed infrastructure build outs to serve parts of northeast Johnson County, including Roeland Park, Westwood and Fairway. Should Sure West move a bit further south into Prairie Village, it would be the only traditional cable company competitor to Time Warner Cable. AT&T U-Verse, which offers a multichannel television system and high-speed internet service over traditional phone lines, extended its reach into the city last year.

Bennion said the company anticipated making its decision about entering Prairie Village in late fall. He asked the City Council whether they would consider writing a letter to Sure West expressing the city’s desire to see another cable company enter the market, a move that Sure West executives said would help the company make its decision. That question prompted discussion among the councilors about whether such a letter would be interpreted as showing preference to one private company over another.

“The letter would express that our residents feel there would be some benefits to having another competitor,” Bennion said. “We wouldn’t be expressing preference.

Several councilors noted that they hear often from constituents about the desire to see another television provider in the area.