Postal Service agrees to suspend decision on permanent installation of Fairway cluster boxes

Looks like the Postal Service eventually got the message that the Reinhardt Estates residents impacted by the installation of four cluster mailboxes wanted their voices heard. The city sent a note to residents Thursday informing them that Postmaster Russell Jacobson had agreed to postpone permanent installation of the cluster boxes until the city and neighborhood could reach a solution that satisfies all parties. The message the city sent out is below:

On Wednesday, June 13th, Mayor Jerry Wiley met with Postmaster Russell Jacobson. Mayor Wiley reports that the meeting was “positive and collaborative.” Postmaster Jacobson has suspended final decision on the permanent installation of the CBUs and has agreed to find solutions that are acceptable to all parties. The Postmaster has stated that the temporary CBUs will stay in place and the current delivery/collection services will continue until the solutions have been formally adopted and implemented.  
The June 13th meeting with Mayor Wiley was at the request of Postmaster Jacobson. USPS Customer Service Manager Tim Ringstrom was also present. The Mayor and Postmaster discussed solutions to resolve the issues of aggressive dogs on postal routes that impede USPS delivery/collection services. One mutually acceptable concept was to restrict the presence of dogs in close proximity to the carrier’s delivery route and mailbox. A component of this solution may also require a resident to obtain a PO Box and/or relocate the mailbox on the customer’s property (not necessarily at the curb) but on the path of the carrier’s route.  
The Administration Committee is currently in the process of reviewing the entire Municipal Code, including Chapter 2, pertaining to “Animals and Fowl.” The Mayor has requested that the Administration Committee add this item to their scheduled June 26th committee meeting. Mayor Wiley has requested that Ward 3 Councilmembers Jeff Armstrong and Tony Liu lead these collaborative efforts and submit recommendations to the Administration Committee to facilitate council action to amend Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code. If you wish to submit your input, you may contact them at email addresses or   
The City previously reported that the Postmaster had delayed his final decision on permanent installation of the CBUs until June 18. This date is no longer of concern given the Postmaster’s most recent meeting with Mayor Wiley.
On Monday, June 11, during the Regular City Council Meeting, the City Council discussed installation of the CBUs. At the meeting, Mayor Wiley outlined what had been done from a City standpoint and discussed possible future action by the City. Members of the City Council also provided remarks followed by several comments from the public. At the conclusion of the discussion, the Fairway City Council passed Resolution 2012-G, opposing the installation of the CBUs in City Rights-of-Way. Click here to view a copy of the Resolution.
The City is again taking this opportunity to inform all Fairway residents about the USPS policies for mail services. We encourage you to make sure that your postal carrier has a clear path to your mail receptacle. Pet owners should make sure that their dogs are properly restrained. Invisible fencing and tether leads are not fail safe methods for restraint and family pets may perceive anyone entering your property as a threat. Also, make sure sidewalks and steps are in sound condition and free of tripping hazards including ice and snow during inclement weather. These safety precautions will help to protect our postal carriers.
For residents that are now having to pick up their mail from the CBUs, please be courteous to the residents’ properties where the CBUs are temporarily located. Do not park or walk across private property while retrieving your mail.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

City of Fairway Administration Department