Mission Valley neighbors plan to show up in force for PV planning commission

Since it started organizing in January, MVNA -- seen here gathered at Hillcrest Covenant Church in January -- has made its presence felt in Prairie Village politics.

Since the group started organizing in January, the Mission Valley Neighbors Association has held considerable sway over Prairie Village civic affairs.

The group successfully lobbied to kill a proposed comprehensive planning process for the site that would have cost $80,000-$90,000. They also worked to elect new City Council members — helping bring about the largest single-election change to the council in decades.

And on Tuesday, the group aims to continue making its presence felt. MVNA organizers have been circulating an email for the past week encouraging residents to show up at the Prairie Village Planning Commission meeting Tuesday — a move that’s led to having the meeting relocated to Village Presbyterian Church, which can accommodate a larger crowd than the council chambers at city hall.

On the agenda Tuesday is a Comprehensive Planning Amendment regarding the site based on the city council’s affirmation in February that Mission Valley should remain zoned R-1a (which allows for residential uses, churches and schools). The amendment makes mention of the work of the neighbors, and notes that “To successfully execute a project on this site, it will require creative and unique design talent and buy-in from the neighborhood and the community at large. Density levels, access, traffic and Storm water runoff are major issues and will need to be addressed as a part of any redevelopment plan.”

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Village Presbyterian Church.

Text of the email sent last week by MVNA is after the jump.

Dear Neighbors and Friends of the Mission Valley Neighbors Association (MVNA),

Many of you are receiving this for the first time. The following information is important to every resident in Prairie Village and North Leawood….


• Mission Valley Middle School property was purchased by RED Development.
• MVNA was formed by local residents to support that the school site maintain its current residential zoning (single family homes) vs commercial (such as grocery, restaurant, retail) being proposed by RED Development.
• With your help, MVNA convinced the City Council not to pay for a proposed $110,000 study, which should have been provided by the developer.
• The City reaffirmed keeping the Mission Valley property zoned for R-1a residential.
• With your help, MVNA encouraged citizens to vote for candidates who favor residential zoning.
• Three new City Council representatives were elected!!
• City planners invited MVNA to provide input on the plan amendment.
• MVNA met with RED Development representatives who indicated they still plan to pursue commercial rezoning. At the meeting RED presented a video
of what the grocery store might look like.


1. Attend the MAY 1st Planning Meeting at 7:00.
A big turnout will demonstrate support for NO REZONING. Watch for
location changes.
1. Attend the May 21st City Council Meeting. Again we will need a big
turnout to show our support for NO REZONING.
1. Sign up on the Prairie Village website to receive notice of future
meetings where Mission Valley property will be discussed.
(pvkansas.com, click on City Government, Public Notices, then make
your subscription choices)
1. Stay involved and interested! This process is far from over.
The next meetings in June may be to vote specifically on the RED
rezoning proposal.

The PEOPLE SPOKE during the Prairie Village City Council elections. LET’S


(to receive future mailings e-mail bob@reschubert.com)