SM East choir trip to Italy creates great memories for group of 180

To be sure, there were plenty of local teens who spent their Spring Break last week lounging on a beach or hitting the ski slopes. But for many in the SM East choir, Spring Break meant a trip to Italy to share their talents.

With 180 students, teachers and chaperones, it was a major outing — but one that appears to have created some amazing memories. The choir put on concerts in Venice, Rome and the Florence American World War II Cemetery (see the video below):

Choir director Ken Foley summarized the trip on the blog he updated every day to let parents know how the trip was going:

I want to say to our entire Lancer Community that I am so proud of our students and how they conducted themselves on this trip. Everywhere we went we exhibited class and maturity.

I know that I learn something new every day about music, and the power that it has to make people better. I experienced a great deal of that this week as I watched our students get wrapped up so far in the music and the ensemble that they found a deeper understanding of what music can be and do.

They were a choir in the purest sense of the word.