Mission Valley neighbors organizing response to proposed mixed-use development

Mission Valley-area homeowners spent the weekend organizing in anticipation of the Prairie Village City Council’s planned discussion about how — or whether — the city would proceed with a planning process for the abandoned school.

Documents included in the packet for tonight’s council meeting outline information provided by RED Development to the city, most notably RED’s initial ideas about a development mix for the property as well as its desire to seek public incentives for the development:

(You can download the whole document at the city’s website here).

The documents also note that Kansas City Christian School had been in discussions with RED about purchasing the property and continuing to use it as a school. RED said it had been approached by other schools as well, but “it is their intent to develop the site into a mixed use development.”

The council is being asked to decide whether the city should proceed with a comprehensive planning process for the site, which city staff had initially projected at $50,000. However, based on information the city received in the process of soliciting proposals from companies to lead the planning process, it now estimates the cost would be closer to $80,000 or $90,000.

Neighborhood residents distributed fliers door-to-door over the long weekend encouraging people to attend the meeting. “Save our neighborhood and Mission Valley Middle School before it is too late!” reads the headline.

The council will discuss the issue during its Committee of the Whole meeting tonight, which begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 7700 Mission Road.