Dorr lights display on Prairie Village grounds attracts 23 percent increase in donations

The three li'l elves who serve as emcees for Tim Dorr's annual lights display, which was held for the first time on Prairie Village grounds in 2011.

Prairie Village resident Tim Dorr and the city of Prairie Village’s collaboration to move Dorr’s synchronized holiday music and lights display onto municipal ground appears to have paid off not just for holiday lights enthusiasts, but for two local non-profits as well.

Dorr and the city announced last week that the display had attracted more than $3,612.01 in donations, a 22 percent increase over the amount Dorr collected the previous season when the display was at his Fontana Street home.

The donations will be contributed to the Prairie Village Municipal Foundation and Heartland Habitat for Humanity.

Dorr said the joint effort had gone off without a hitch.

“It was outstanding, from our perspective,” he said. “We had a much bigger canvas to work with this year, so it was pretty spread out and a lot of people could watch at once. We saw 40 cars parked watching the display at one point.”

With a year of experience under their belts at the new location, Dorr said he and his family are already plotting what new elements they could add to a display next year.

“We’ve got plans to build out to the left, and we’ve got plans to build out to the right,” he said.

And the good news is, it looks like he won’t have any trouble getting permission to set up on city property again.

“The mayor has invited us back next year,” Dorr said.