Shawnee Mission board moves Brookwood to SM South voting area

Brookwood families will now vote for the SM South area representative on the school board.

The Shawnee Mission School Board on Monday passed a measure moving Brookwood Elementary families into voting area for the SM South representative on the school board — a move that’s upsetting to a number of Brookwood parents.

At issue, they say, is the fact that approving the move now, as opposed to before April’s school board elections, means Brookwood families will have to wait two years longer than anyone else in the district to vote for an area representative. Brookwood families got to vote in the SM East representative election in 2009, but now will have to wait until 2015 to vote in the SM representative election — as opposed to 2013.

Steve Bledsoe, a local attorney who was involved in the Save Mission Valley campaign, said the decision takes away area voters’ right to have the same input as others in the district.

“We think it shows a lack of vision by the board,” he said. “They should have made this move last year.”