Geothermal project earns Prairie Village environmental kudos from MARC

Prairie Village got a big green pat on the back Friday at the Mid-America Regional Council’s Sustainable Success Stories presentation, held at the Kauffman Foundation.

MARC picked the city’s geothermal heating and cooling project as one of seven honorees. Pembroke Hill’s Clothesline Sale was honored as well.

The honorees all meet the vision of sustainability the MARC board of directors adopted three years ago to help guide new regional planning and development. It seeks to “create and support a sustainable region that increases the vitality of our society, economy and environment for current residents and future generations.”

Completed earlier this year, the geothermal heating and cooling system uses a system of piping and wells to transfer cool and warm air throughout the city’s administrative buildings at 77th Street and Mission Road. The project cost a total of $1.36 million, $400,000 of which was paid for with a grant funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The new system is projected to save the city $53,500 in annual utility costs.