McCrum Park water tower removal to begin in January

The water tower at McCrum Park will be removed by WaterOne starting in January.

The McCrum Park water tower removal that had initially been targeted to start this fall is now set to begin the the second week of January.

Hanley Barker, facilities engineering manager for WaterOne (Johnson County’s water utility), said it will take three weeks to remove the tower itself. Crews will then spend February and March cleaning up and resodding the park.

The tower went out of service last year. Barker said that as the underground piping system that delivers water to homes and businesses grew over the past decades, the need for the McCrum Park tower faded. Its storage capacity, he said, will be absorbed by the underground system.

“The hydraulics and capacity of the system are totally different now than when that tank was put in in the ’40s,” he said.

To remove the tank, workers will cut it into pieces uses blow torches, and then lower the pieces to the ground where they will be removed by trucks.