Prairie Village moving forward with planning process for Mission Valley; will wait to hear from RED and Kansas City Christian

Prairie Village will move forward with its comprehensive planning process for the Mission Valley site until it hears from RED Development and Kansas City Christian School about whether they’ve reached a deal for the property, said Assistant City Administrator Dennis Enslinger.

The city will still issue its Request for Proposal to select a firm to lead the planning process for the abandoned middle school. The city has approximately $75,000 budgeted for the planning process. Should KCC reach an agreement to buy all or part of the property from RED, the city would reevaluate its planning needs for the site.

“It would depend on a lot of things, including the purchase price, and how much of the land they would be buying,” Enslinger said.

As for the current KCC facility, Prairie Village doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place for that site either. So if KCC vacates its current building, the city would likely engage in a planning process for that site as well.