Prairie Village’s purple pride: Ripple glass recycling challenge issued for November

Prairie Village Mayor Ron Shaffer demonstrating the proper technique for depositing glass bottles in the Village Shops Ripple bin. (Note that he didn't actually drop in glass in the bin, because he's saving it for November. Which you should, too.)

As you may recall, Prairie Villagers’ combined interests in lushness and environmental conscientiousness have made us a metro leader. Indeed, no city in the Kansas City area recycles more glass in its Ripple bins than Prairie Village.

But we’re not content to rest on our environmental laurels. We’re willing to put our environmental reputation on the line.

Mayor Ron Shaffer recently issued a letter of challenge to other KC municipalities to see who can recycle the most glass in November.

We must prevail.

So, here’s the plan: Keep emptying glass bottles however you see fit. Store the empty bottles in a secure location in your home. On or after Nov. 1, but before Nov. 30, haul them to the Ripple bin at Corinth Square or the Village Shops.

What do we win? Bragging rights, primarily. But also the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing we done right by the environment. Did you know a six-pack’s worth of recycled beer bottles produces enough fiberglass insulation to fill a standard wall cavity? Well. You do now.

Prairie Village is partnering with the Mid-America Regional Council on the challenge to promote glass recycling during the month of November.