Sit! and be counted: Prairie Village taking census of dogs and cats

Yo, animal census enumerator! We have precisely one dog living in our house. Her name is Sophie and she

In those days Shaffer Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of all the four legged beasts with tails that wag and throats that purr.

So Prairie Village census enumerators went house-to-house all across the land, knocking on people’s doors and asking them if they had any dogs or cats.

Which is to say: You may have gotten a yellow slip on your door the past couple days asking you to call city hall and report how many pets you have living in your house. Be not alarmed. Prairie Village takes a pet census in different parts of the city every year to ensure that all animals are registered with the city and have the proper vaccinations.

If you’re not home when the census enumerator pays his or her visit and you get one of the yellow slips, you’re still expected to call City Hall at the number listed on your slip to report the number of animals you have living in your house — even if you have none.