Prairie Village considers proposal for Tide Dry Cleaner to replace Dragon Inn

Dragon Inn Prairie Village, KS
Dragon Inn has been at its current Corinth Square location for more than two decades.

It’s possible that Dragon Inn may be nearing the tail end of its 23 year run at Corinth Square.

Tide Dry Cleaners Prairie Village proposal
The elevation drawings for the proposed Tide Dry Cleaner in the Dragon Inn space. Click to enlarge.
Tide Dry Cleaners has submitted a proposal to the Prairie Village Planning Commission seeking tentative approval for a series of renovations to Dragon Inn’s current location. LANE4 leasing agent Trip Ross confirmed that the company has had discussions with TIDE about moving into the Dragon Inn space — but, he stressed, nothing is final.

“Any change in use that would require changes to the building needs approval from the city,” Ross said. “So Tide is exploring whether that’s an option on their own. But no decisions have been made. Dragon Inn has been a great long term tenant, and they’ll definitely have a say in what happens.”

Dragon Inn’s current lease on the space ends at the end of the year. Restaurant owner Thomas Tsui said the downturn in the economy had the business considering whether maintaining two restaurants was its best option.

“It’s hard to say,” he said. “We’ve had our other restaurant in Overland Park for 36 years. If we ended up closing in Corinth, we know our Prairie Village customers could still go there. We’ll just have to see.”

Tide Dry Cleaners, which offers chemical-free dry cleaning services, currently has a location at 135th Street and Roe Ave.