Light synchronization could lead to smoother sailing along 75th Street in Prairie Village

75th Street traffic light synchronization Prairie Village
A plan to synchronize traffic lights along 75th Street during peak traffic times could lead to quicker travel times.

If you start to feel like you’re experience less and less road rage when driving along 75th Street, it’s not just your new meds kicking in.

The Mid-America Regional Council, which controls the traffic lights along main travel corridors throughout the Kansas City metro area, will begin synchronizing lights along 75th Street during peak traffic times in the coming weeks. Once synchronized, the lights should allow vehicles traveling at the posted speed limit to continue along the corridor without encountering a red light.

The move comes in response to an ongoing analysis of area traffic as part of MARC’s Operation Green Light. MARC’s study suggests synchronizing the lights could reduce travel times and pollution.

The synchronization will begin with the evening rush hour. After the city gets data on how that change has affected traffic flow, it will likely okay synchronizing during the morning rush hour and during lunchtime.

The synchronization will be implemented across city lines in Johnson County, but will not carry over into Kansas City, Mo.