LANE4 submits drawings for major renovations to Corinth Square

LANE4 has submitted plans to the Prairie Village Planning Commission for major renovations to the facade of Corinth Square’s main building — plans that would fulfill the first of the company’s obligations under the Community Improvement District approved by the city last year.

The renovations would likely coincide at least in part with the construction of the new Corinth Square CVS building approved by the Planning Commission last month.

Drawings produced by architecture firm Generator Studios show expanded plaza areas at the corners of the shopping center, with a facade marked by natural wood and stone:

View at the southwest corner of Corinth Square, toward the Wild Bird Center.
View at the northwest corner of Corinth Square, looking toward Mely's Yogurt and Ice Cream.
View from the east side of the Corinth Square property, looking toward Salty Iguana.
View at the southeast corner of Corinth Square, toward Urban Table.

The Planning Commission will have the chance to vote on the plans at its September 6 meeting.