Prairie Village’s C. Jacks expands to grocery stores with quiche

Ron Schockly overseeing quiche creation in the C. Jacks kitchen.
A Village Shops eatery is making its presence felt throughout the area with a focus on a French favorite.

C. Jacks Sidewalk Cafe has recently expanded into the grocery store market, selling its four varieties of quiches at Hy-Vees, Price Choppers and Hen Houses throughout the Johnson County area.

“We had a couple customers suggest we do something more with our quiches,” said owner Ron Schockly. “And it’s been a success. We’re doing more quiche sales outside the store than in now.”

C. Jacks staff make the quiches throughout the day, and then deliver them to local groceries stores — but only after they’ve been around for a day.

“A lot of people think you want to have them fresh out of the oven,” Schockly said. “But if they set a day they taste better. It’s hard to find a good quiche out there, so we take the process seriously.”