What’s the proper etiquette when Prairie Village Ripple Glass bins are full?

A reader wrote us over the weekend inquiring about the overflowing Ripple Glass bin at the Village Shops, which got us thinking: What is the proper etiquette when you’ve got glass to drop off, but the bin is full?

Ripple Executive Director Stacia Stelk tells us the company hopes people confronted with that situation will either visit another local bin (there are locations at Corinth Square and in Roeland Park), or hold onto their glass for a day or two.

“It does look like litter when it’s left on the ground outside the container,” Stelk said. “So we really encourage people not to just leave it on the ground if they can’t find room for the bottles.”

Stelk said that anyone who finds the bin chalk full of bottles can alert Ripple at 816-221-4527. Typically, a LANE 4 employee is responsible for letting Ripple know when the bins need to be emptied at Corinth and the Village Shops — but a big run this weekend must have caught him off-guard.

“He probably didn’t think it was going to fill up over the weekend,” Stelk said.

Which, as far as I can tell, probably means Prairie Village had a very merry Friday and Saturday.