RED investment group will seek neighborhood input on plans for Mission Valley site

The investment group that signed a deal to purchase Mission Valley Middle School earlier this week says it will be organizing neighborhood meetings in the coming days to solicit input on how the property will be used.

At this point, the investors are declining to comment on any potential uses for the property, saying they want to get input from residents and Prairie Village officials before making any plans — however tentative — public.

“Right now, everything’s on the table,” said RED spokesman Dave Claflin. “We want to hear from the neighborhood and the city before we put anything together.”

Though the meetings have not been scheduled, Claflin said the group wouldn’t be wasting any time in getting focus groups and neighborhood meetings together, estimating the first sessions could come within the next couple weeks.

Regardless of the outcome of those meetings, the RED group will have to make a decision about whether or not to proceed with the development of the property before finding out whether the City Council and Planning Commission would be agreeable to any proposals for rezoning. The RED-led team of investors have a 45-day due diligence window to determine whether to go through with the sale. Prairie Village estimates it will take three to six months to finish the planning process it would need to rezone the property.