City hopes for collaborative process in redevelopment of Mission Valley site

Photo courtesy of Doug Hudson.

Should Mission Valley be sold to a real estate developer at Monday’s meeting, you can expect the new owner to move quickly to have the property rezoned.

Currently, the site is listed as R1, approved for residential use. A commercial zoning designation would be required for the development of retail or office space.

A rezoning application for the property would have to be approved by both the Planning Commission and City Council. Prairie Village City Admininstrator Quinn Bennion said he hoped whoever ends up acquiring the property will work closely with the city as it develops its plan.

“The city and council would welcome and hope for a very involved, inclusive, collaborate process,” Bennion said.

Village Vision, a comprehensive plan adopted by the city in 2007, includes stipulations about how the city would like to see Somerset School redeveloped. But because the prospect of Mission Valley shutting its doors wasn’t on the horizon at the time of its adoption, Village Vision is silent on the subject of what to do with the property — somewhat limiting the city’s ability to dictate the type of development that can take place on the site.