Farewell, Mission Valley

Fifty seven times before, Mission Valley students and teachers marked the last day of the school year knowing they’d be back the coming fall. But when the door closed behind the last student today, it was for good.

We asked readers to share their memories and photos of Mission Valley and Meadowbrook. Reader Jennifer Vaccaro, who now lives in Atlanta, sent us a few lines about her time at the school:

I attended Meadowbrook Junior High School from 1976-79. I am so sad to hear of it’s closing. What a special time! It was exciting going from Ridgeview Elementary (now closed) with my friends into junior high school. I remember being very happy to discover that I was no longer the tallest girl in school. I distinctly remember going to an after school assembly, exclusively for us seventh graders, being held by the ninth grade school officers. They showed us how to dance at a school party. They lined us up, girls on one side, boys on the other, put on music, and we pretty much stepped side to side and clapped. Then, at the real school dance, I had my first slow dance with a boy. As far as teachers go, I will always remember Mrs. Light, who taught speech and drama. She was a wonderful person and a great teacher. I also remember passing notes in the hallways and having crushes on boys who never knew I was alive. As the next couple of years progressed, there were many basketball games, school musicals, and lunchroom fun. My father was transferred to Florida at the end of ninth grade, and it broke my heart that I could not go to Shawnee Mission East with all my friends (I did however return and go to KU!). Meadowbrook was a huge part of my early teenage years, and I fondly remember my days there.

And PV resident Doug Hudson sent along a collection of great photos of the facility:

If you’ve got pictures or memories you’d like to share, send us an email and we’ll add them to this post.