Corinth Square Ripple Glass bin is most-used in KC area

Do you have an Earth Day news hangover?

Well, here’s a little hair of the dog: We’re some of the most environmentally conscious people in the entire Kansas City metro area. And we also like to drink.

The Ripple Glass recycling bin at Corinth Square is currently the most popular site in the area, collecting a total of 67.92 tons in January and February alone. The Village Shops location collected a total of 29.62 during the same period.

And, not to bring anybody down from the news that we’re good environmental stewards, but Ripple Glass and the city do want to remind residents that a few types of glass shouldn’t be disposed of in the bins:

Ripple Glass cannot accept plate glass (windows), mirrors, Pyrex, Corning Ware, ceramics, or dishes. Also, you should not put the glass into the container while still inside any other container, such as paper or plastic bags. You do not have to remove the labels or wash the jars, but please do remove any lids. You do not have to sort the glass by color either.