Meet our new mascot: Owly, the red phase Screech Owl

Meet Owly, the Prairie Village Post's baby owl mascot.

Ha! We knew if we kept our eyes and ears peeled eventually we’d find one.

After four months of searching, we finally laid eyes on a Great Horned Owl red phase Screech Owl yesterday. (Thanks for the correction, Steve. I had looked up a couple shots of adolescent Great Horned Owls yesterday, but this shot of a red phase Screech looks much closer to Owly).

This li’l fella has set up shop in a knot high up in a tree in our backyard. Mostly he just sits there. You know, looking at things. With those big owl eyes. Except for when he’s sleeping. Then his eyes are closed.

What else… Every now and then he scratches his head:

That’s about it, though. We’ll let you know if he does anything really cool. Either way, seems like a good addition to the family. Welcome aboard, Owly!