Shaffer campaign releases endorsements; Kelly says he hasn’t sought any

Less than a week before election day, former and current state and county officials are announcing their support for the Prairie Village mayor candidates, with the majority lining up behind incumbent Ron Shaffer.

Of the twelve city council members, nine have publicly announced their support for Shaffer. They are:

Mayor Ron Shaffer
Mayor Ron Shaffer
  • Dale Beckerman
  • David Belz
  • Charles Clark
  • Diana Ewy Sharp
  • Al Herrera
  • Ruth Hopkins
  • Steve Noll
  • Dale Warman
  • Laura Wassmer

Councilman David Morrison said he was stopping short of issuing a formal endorsement for Michael Kelly, but planned to support him in the election. Morrison said he believes Shaffer has been in office long enough that the city would benefit from a change in leadership.

Councilman Michael Kelly
Councilman Michael Kelly

“But both men have done good things for the city,” Morrison said.

Councilman Andrew Wang said he was not endorsing either candidate in the race.

In addition to the members of the council, Shaffer’s campaign lists the following endorsements:

  • Gary Anderson, former County Commissioner
  • Barbara Bollier, State Representative
  • Pat Daniels, former Prairie Village Councilman
  • Terrie Huntington, State Senator
  • Marcia Jacobs, former Prairie Village Councilwoman
  • Audrey Langworthy, retired State Senator
  • Ed Peterson, County Commissoner
  • Marilyn Uppman, former Prairie Village Councilwoman
  • Joe Vaughan, Water Board
  • Barbara Vernon, retired Prairie Village City Administrator
  • Nancy Wallerstein, former Prairie Village Councilwoman (also Shaffer’s campaign manager)
  • Sue Weltner, former Prairie Village Mayor and County Commissioner
  • Kay Wolf, State Representative

Kelly sent the following statement regarding his endorsements:

I have not solicited the endorsement of any elected officials or city staff in my campaign to be the next mayor of Prairie Village. My interest, instead, has been to seek the trust of the citizens of this city. Throughout this campaign, I have gathered the support of our residents by talking to them in their front yards. I hope my endorsements will be apparent on election day.