Our questions for the school board candidates

Last week, we asked readers to submit questions they’d most like to hear the three candidates for the at-large position on the Shawnee Mission School Board answer.

Based on the issues you brought up most frequently, we put a three item questionnaire together for the candidates (see below). We’ll start running their responses next Wednesday, March 23.

Thanks for all your input — we look forward to hearing what the candidates have to say!

1.) The tone during last fall’s debate about closing schools and changing boundaries was frequently contentious and divisive. What do you think the administration and/or the school board could have done, if anything, to minimize the negative atmosphere that surrounded those discussions?

2.) Over the past two years, the district has cut $20 million from its budget, and is currently seeking input from patrons about where to make future cuts. Is it realistic to think the district can make ends meet without further increasing class sizes? If not, what cuts can be made to minimize the impact on the classroom?

3.) There seems to be broad consensus in Johnson County that the state’s school funding formula is broken and desperately in need of repair. What’s the best hope for seeing meaningful change in the funding formula, in your opinion?