Records show Kelly had worst attendance record on city council over past year

Prairie Village City Councilman and mayoral candidate Michael Kelly at the March 7 council meeting.

Prairie Village City Councilman Michael Kelly has built his mayoral campaign around claims that he’ll bring fresh leadership and new vision to city hall. But his recent council attendance record has some wondering whether he’s dedicated enough to city service to follow through.

City records show that over the past year, Kelly has been absent from more meetings than any other council member. Since April 2010, he’s attended less than two-thirds of the council meetings, missing eight of 23. Over the same period, Mayor Ron Shaffer, who’s seeking a fourth term in office, missed two meetings.

Between Nov. 1, 2010 and Feb. 7, 2011, Kelly attended just two of six city council meetings. And earlier this year, Kelly missed both parts of a work session during which the council met with state legislators and public works officials to plan for the year.

Councilman Al Herrera, a Shaffer supporter, said Kelly’s attendance record raises serious questions.

“When you get onto the council, you make a commitment to your constituents that you’re going to be there and you’re going to be involved,” Herrera said. “It’s hard for me to take a guy who says he wants to be mayor seriously when he doesn’t fulfill his commitment on the council.”

Reached for comment on his attendance record Sunday, Kelly offered the following statement:

“I had some business-related events over the last year. I read all the council packets and make a point of keeping up to date. If you look at my council career as a whole, you’ll find that I have average to above average attendance rates. I welcome anyone to challenge my record of council accomplishments.”