Prairie Village police release Indian Hills traffic plan for post-Mission Valley closure

The entrance on Delmar Street that will be parents' primary access point starting during the 2011-2012 school year.

The Prairie Village Police Department has released its preliminary recommendations for traffic management around Indian Hills Middle School after its student body merges with Mission Valley’s next year:

  • The main circle drive off Mission Road will be reserved for busses only. Jordan said the school would be instituting a staggered parking system for the busses to increase safety and making entry and exit easier for the bus drivers.
  • The parking lot off Delmar Street, on the south side of the building, will become the main access point for parents. The Delmar parking lot will be managed as a loop where students are dropped off and picked up. Jordan said the department is recommending a right turn only regulation coming out of the Delmar lot.
  • Some parking on the south end of Delmar Street may be restricted. Jordan said this move could help keep traffic flow in and out of the Delmar lot running smoothly.

Parents and the police department expressed concerns last year that a combined Mission Valley and Indian Hills population would create a surge in traffic that would pose safety issues. But the enrollment figures the district has projected for Indian Hills next year aren’t unprecedented. The 730 students projected to attend the school next year would be approximately 50 more than the school had enrolled in 1999, Jordan said.

Still, Jordan wants to continue working with the school’s administrators and PTA to come up with a plan maximizing student safety. He said the department will be closely observing traffic around the area during the school year to assess what changes would optimize traffic flow.

“Traffic patterns change,” Jordan said. “It’s kind of like water: people take the path of least resistance. We’ll be monitoring things and making changes as needed.”