New boutique set to debut in Haught Style space in April

Tracy Gretter in the Village Shops space on Tomahawk Road where her store, Clique Boutique, will open in April.

The storefront vacated by Haught Style at the Village Shops in February won’t be empty for long.

Chicago native and former boutique manager Tracy Gretter will be opening her first store, Clique Boutique, in the space the first week of April.

Gretter worked for nearly a decade for a company that ran two small boutiques in Iowa, where she went to college, before moving to the Kansas City area last 2009. She researched spots throughout the metro area before deciding on Prairie Village for her store.

“My husband and I were sitting outside of Cafe Provence last summer and kept seeing all these families out walking around,” she said. “And I thought, ‘This is the right place.’ It’s got such a great neighborhood feel.”

The store will offer higher-end brands that Gretter said aren’t widely available in Kansas City.

“These are labels you’ll see in magazines like Elle, but you can’t really get around here right now,” she said.

Gretter started going through the process of securing a lease from LANE4 late last year. The space is currently getting a complete renovation. Interior plans call for a walnut paneling on the walls, which Gretter said will be built from reconstituted wood.