Prairie Village set to receive $1.6 million for 75th Street renovation

The stretch of 75th Street between Mission and State Line Roads is listed in poor condition by Prairie Village Public Works.

One of the Prairie Village’s most traveled — and most worn — stretches of road will get a significant makeover thanks in part to a federal grant for $1.6 million.

The city announced Wednesday it had been officially informed a project proposal for work along 75th Street between Mission Road and State Line Road had been approved by the United States Department of Transportation. The project was part of the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) Transportation Improvement Plan, submitted to USDOT in 2010.

Construction on the project is slated to begin in 2014. It will include: resurfacing asphalt roadway; repairing curbs and sidewalks; making aesthetic improvements; building pedestrian accommodations; and adding new sidewalks. A recent analysis by Prairie Village Public Works identified that stretch of road as in poor condition.

City traffic data shows 75th Street carries 21,000 vehicles per day.

Mayor Ron Shaffer will appoint a steering committee to work with the design engineer, George Butler and Associates. The committee will be active in the design process, identifying the project scope and amenities to be included.