Save Mission Valley mom attracting national attention for law suit against state

Michelle Trouvé on CNN's American Morning last week.

In a political environment where taxes of all kinds are getting long looks from lawmakers, the group of Mission Valley area parents suing the state of Kansas for the right to raise property taxes to help fund local schools is drawing national attention.

Michelle Trouvé, who was one of the most outspoken members of the Save Mission Valley group this fall, made an appearance on CNN’s American Morning last week explaining why she and nine others had filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s funding formula. At the center of the case is an argument that parents should have the right to vote to raise their taxes to provide their children with the level of education funding they desire. Click here to watch the interview.

Trouvé was also interviewed for a story in last week’s Wall Street Journal on the issue. Click here to read that article.

An initial decision on the case, which was filed in December, could come within the next couple months. Should the case be ultimately successful, however, the plaintiffs would face the challenge of rallying enough local support to pass a tax increase at the polls, a difficult proposition in the current climate. Two weeks ago, Lee’s Summit voters rejected a ballot measure that would have increased the school levy there by 89 cents.