Shaffer gets front row seat as budget drops on D.C.

Prairie Village Mayor Ron Shaffer got a first hand view of the reaction to President Barack Obama’s budget proposal earlier this week.

Mayor Ron Shaffer of Prairie Village
Mayor Ron Shaffer

Shaffer, who serves on the National Association of Regional Councils board of directors, as well as the board of its local affiliate, the Mid-America Regional council, was in D.C. for a series of NARC meetings the day President Obama unveiled his budget, which drew critiques of cutting too much from some, and not enough from others.

Whatever view you take, Shaffer said, the impact of the budget is likely to be felt at the local level.

“What’s coming down the pike isn’t going to be pretty, and it’s going to make its way to the county and city level across the country,” Shaffer said. “It makes you all the more aware of the need to be fiscally prudent and take a hard look at all the projects that come in front of the city.”

Shaffer is running for reelection this April.

Shaffer and the MARC representatives met with Sen. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and freshman Rep. Kevin Yoder during their stay.