Security camera catches theft at Corinth Antique Mall; owners ask for help identifying suspect

The suspect in the theft captured by the Antique Mall security camera.

The owners of the Antique Mall at Corinth Square are hoping to help police identify a man who walked out of the building Sunday without paying for two statuettes.

Two videos captured by a security camera show the suspect in the mall. In the first, he enters wearing a sweater over a white button down shirt. He speaks to one of the employees at the counter and then pauses looking directly at the security camera before walking out of view. He leaves the store a few moments later:

The second video shows the man enter again, this time wearing a white button down shirt only. He covers his face as he walks in front of the camera and out of its view, and then reappears holding two figurines as he takes quick strides towards the door:

An employee of the mall confronted the man as he was driving away, but was unable to get his license plate number. The employee reported the man was driving a late model, four door, steel gray compact car.

Anyone with information about the man shown in the video is encouraged to call the Prairie Village Police Department at 913-642-6868.