Popular real estate blog looks at Hall family homes in Mission Hills

Donald Hall Jr.'s Mission Hills home (via Curbed)

Curbed, a popular blog looking at big market (and big money) real estate, has turned its attention to the Hall family’s Mission Hills mansions in honor of the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has often been accused of being a “Hallmark holiday,” trumped up by retailers to encourage the sale of chocolates, flowers, and, of course, greeting cards. The derogatory term gets its name from the Kansas City, Mo.-based purveyor of paper products, and the Hall family—who have owned Hallmark since its inception 101 years ago—are hardly complaining…

Even if shoppers turn on the greeting card business entirely, the Halls will have plenty to fall back on, including at least $10M worth of real estate in the ritzy Kansas City suburb of Mission Hills. A drop in the bucket next to the family piggy bank

Check out the post here, or take an overhead tour of the Hall family’s neighborhood here.