Local photographer’s ‘Little Black Dress’ project featured at Prairie Village party

Styrkowicz at the party in the Bank of Prairie Village offices with one of his portraits.

A few local business owners decided to beat the winter blues with a celebration of something decidedly more summery: the little black dress.

The Bank of Prairie Village, Tom Tivol, Wanda Allen, and The Independent sponsored a party last night at the Bank of Prairie Village building featuring the the photography of Tom Styrkowicz. For the past two years, Stryrkowicz has been putting together a portrait series called “Little Black Dress,” black and white photos of women wearing — you guessed it — little black dresses.

“The black dress became this metaphor for femininity,” he said. “Sometimes it’s hard to get women to pose for portraits. But when you ask them to put on a black dress, they feel like they’re making more of a statement.”

Styrkowicz has taken more than 40 portraits in the series. You can see more of the work here.

More photos from the party after the jump.

Bank of Prairie Village chairman Dan Bolen and Prairie Village city councilwoman Laura Wassmer
Designing women Wanda Allen and Sharyn Blond.
Tom Tivol took a moment to show some estate watches to party guests.