Shawnee Mission weighing options for making up snow days

This winter’s barrage of snow has already forced Shawnee Mission to cancel school six days this year — which means administrators have to figure out a way to make up for lost class time.

District spokeswoman Leigh Anne Neal said the the state allows districts to cancel school up to four times before mandating make up days be scheduled. The three canceled days this week put Shawnee Mission two over the limit.

“We’re in the process of looking at a number of options for make up time,” Neal said. “But we’re still very much in the winter season, so we’ll be waiting to see if we have any other weather incidents that will factor into the equation.”

Neal said some options for making up the lost time would be adding school days to the end of the year or during the spring break week. Some districts also consider lengthening the normal school day to make up time, she said.

Neal said that district records show it’s been years since Shawnee Mission has exceeded the four day limit.

“We had a year where they had to cancel school four and a half days,” she said. “But this has definitely been an especially harsh winter.”