Prairie Village reminding residents to shovel sidewalks

It may be daunting out there this morning, but the city of Prairie Village is asking homeowners to help keep pedestrians safe by clearing their sidewalks of snow and ice.

The reminder comes in the wake of the the storm that caused two days of school closings last week, after which literally hundreds of residences were in non-compliance with the ordinance, said assistant city administrator Dennis Enslinger. The city is hoping more residents will clear the sidewalks abutting their properties after yesterday’s big snowfall.

(Sounds like a great activity for homebound kids…)

Here’s the ordinance in its entirety:

It shall be unlawful for the owner and /or occupant of any property abutting one or more public sidewalks to fail to cause to be removed from such sidewalks all snow and ice within 24 hours from the time the snow or ice storm ends. If the snow falls or ice accumulates upon the sidewalks in the nighttime, removal of it must be within 24 hours after sunrise.

Where there shall be ice or compacted snow on any such sidewalk of such a character as to make it practically impossible to remove the same, the sprinkling of sand or non-corrosive chemicals on the accumulation of ice or snow in such a manner as to make such sidewalk reasonably safe for pedestrian travel shall be deemed sufficient compliance with provisions of this article until the ice or snow can be removed. (Ord. 2031, Sec.1)