Metsker resigns from Shawnee Mission board of education

SM North-area representative Susan Metsker has resigned from the Shawnee Mission board of education, and is expected to take a constituent services position in the office of recently elected District 3 Rep. Kevin Yoder.

Susan Metsker

She delivered her letter of resignation to board president Deb Zila in mid-December. Her resignation was effective Jan. 3.

At this point it’s unclear how the district will fill her seat. It could appoint someone to the vacancy prior to April’s elections. Or it could wait until the election, and then seat the victor immediately instead of waiting until June, as is traditional.

Metsker had served on the board for ten years. She was elected as the SM North area representative in 1999, after having served on the district’s advisory board for for nine years before that.

Contacted Tuesday for comment on her resignation, Metsker said it had been an honor to serve, and she would always consider it a privilege to have gotten to hand diplomas out to grads.

“There’s nothing quite like handing a senior that diploma, and getting a chance to look into the eyes of the future,” she said.

Metsker, who recently completed her Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Kansas, said parents should continue to make their voices heard as the district faces difficult choices and budget struggles.

“We’ve got a great community here – a great community,” Metsker said. “And that’s what makes a district what it is. Having parents and patrons involved in the process is a big part of what’s made our district excellent.”

Metsker was the only board member to vote against both the proposal to close Mission Valley and the proposal to move Brookwood to the SM South feeder pattern.