Closing Mission Valley: A look back at the story of 2010, part two

The board of education voted to close Mission Valley at its meeting at SM West.

Here’s the conclusion of our timeline recapping the events leading up to the vote to close Mission Valley.

November 22: At its first meeting since Nov. 8, the Shawnee Mission board of education hears from more than a dozen SM South area parents encouraging them to take action to ensure that their school didn’t continue to lose students and resources.

Indian Hills PTA co-president Dan Blom spoke as well, lamenting the fact that by voting to move Roesland students to Hocker Grove, it had put a significant dent in Indian Hills’ student population, requiring the removal of a number of class offerings and teachers.

Board members Donna Bysfield and Larry Winn told the audience they wanted to see the proposals on Antioch and Mission Valley voted on soon so that parents and teachers could plan for the upcoming school year.

December 8: The district releases the agenda for its Dec. 13 meeting, which includes the proposal to close Mission Valley and move Brookwood to the SM South feeder pattern.

December 10: Partially in hopes of convincing the board to delay its vote on Mission Valley, a group of parents file a lawsuit in federal court against the Kansas school funding formula. The suit alleges the state’s funding formula has forced the board to consider closing schools by placing an unconstitutional restriction on residents ability to tax themselves to raise money for education.

The district had planned to hold the meeting at the McEachen Administrative Center, but eventually relents to calls from the public to hold it to a larger venue. The meeting is moved to SM West.

December 13: After two hours of heated comments during open forum, the board takes up the Mission Valley and Brookwood proposals, voting to approve each by margins of 5-2.