Committee for Excellence chair says closing Mission Valley was right move

Attorney Fred Logan, who chairs the Committee for Excellence, a group that advocates for the Shawnee Mission School District, said on KCPT’s Kansas City Week in Review this weekend that the board of education made the right decision in voting to close Mission Valley and Antioch.

Fred Logan
Logan, who writes a column for the Kansas City Business Journal and is a frequent panelist on Week in Review, was asked by moderator Nick Haines why the district had taken up the school closing issue again after having tabled it in November.

“There’s a compelling need to do it,” Logan said. “The schools were not being utilized at anywhere near full capacity. There’s a terrible budget crisis. I think they ended up doing the right thing.”

Logan graduated from SM South, but recently had two sons graduate from SM East. At the open forum the night of the school closing vote, he told the crowd that the district should strive to provide excellent education for students at every one of its schools.

On Week in Review, he also commented on the federal law suit filed by 10 area families against the state’s school finance formula. Logan said he thought the case had merit.

“I think [the funding formula] is unconstitutional,” he said. “It is based on creating political winners and losers and then giving extra money to political winners. I think there is a really serious constitutional challenge here. This case is very different…then what has been filed at the state level.”

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