Mission Valley not saved: Board votes to close Mission Valley, send Brookwood students to SM South

The board of education voted to close Mission Valley at its meeting Monday at SM West.

Three months to the day after Shawnee Mission superintendent Gene Johnson introduced the proposals, the board of education voted Monday night to close Mission Valley and move Brookwood to the SM South feeder pattern. The changes will go into effect for the 2011-2012 school year.

The votes each passed by margins of 5-2. Board members Donna Bysfield, the SM East area representative, and Susan Metsker, the SM North area representative, voted against the Brookwood proposal. Metsker and at-large member Larry Winn voted against the Mission Valley proposal. Both votes were met with silence from the audience.

The votes followed an open forum that saw 44 local parents and community members make often impassioned comments, as well as lengthy discussion among the board members.

Full coverage coming tomorrow.