Prairie Village burglary suspects’ preliminary hearings set for today; one suspect out on bail

Preliminary hearings are set for 11 a.m. today for the three suspects arrested after the attempted burglary at 76th Street and Booth Drive just before Thanksgiving.

Tynell E. Duley

Two of the suspects, James M. Jackson, 24; and Leanthony D. Mullins, 19, remain in Johnson County jail. The third, Tynell E. Duley, 18, made bail Dec. 2, and was released under house arrest.

In addition to attempted burglary, all three had initially been charged with possession of a firearm, but Prairie Village police confirmed earlier this week that only one weapon, a .357 revolver, had been found in the men’s car. None of the men had admitted ownership of the weapon, so the firearm charge stood for all three.

Prairie Village police chief Wes Jordan said officers from Fairway spotted the revolver in the back seat of the car the men had abandoned during the chase. The Fairway police were able to alert all of the law enforcement agencies involved in the pursuit that the suspects were potentially armed thanks to a relatively new radio system being used throughout the county. The radio system lets different law enforcement agencies communicate directly with each other in emergency situations.