Dalmatian that was frequent sight around Prairie Village passes away

For eight years, the highlight of Prairie Village resident Debi Sicoli’s day was walking her beautiful dalmatian Tino all around Prairie Village. They were a frequent sight along the roads in the neighborhoods northwest of the Village Shops, and fixtures at community events like the Prairie Village Art Show. (Many people might remember seeing Tino lounging under the table at Jose Pepper’s begging for chips).

Sadly, Tino won’t be seen around town any longer. He died Dec. 3 after having been diagnosed with cancer earlier this fall.

“He was a champion lollygagger, having never met a tree, pole or stick he didn’t like,” Sicoli said. “He was never shy about asking for attention from strangers. He knew when to cross the street to get to Euston’s and how to put his paws on the counter for a snack. He investigated kids on the way to school, probably trying to mooch their lunches. He knew what homes had cats to look for and where his doggy friends and enemies lived. He made every step a joy.”