Southminster Presbyterian congregation transforms church into site of Christmas journey

The three wise men meet Herrod at his court in Southminster Presbyterian's Journey to Bethlehem.

Some of the usual attendees of Sunday services at Southminster Presbyterian may not recognize the inside of the church right now. A Sunday school classroom and chapel have been transformed into Herrod’s court and an ancient market. Normal hallways have been transformed into paths to the city of Jesus’ birth.

The church kicked off its 25th annual Journey to Bethlehem presentation last night, with approximately 100 church members in the cast and crew. More than 700 visitors are expected to participate this year, following a guide through seven scenes from the nativity story. The journey takes participants from Nazareth, where Joseph and Mary are ordered to travel to Bethlehem for the census, to King Herrod’s court, to the manger where Jesus is born.

Jesus born in the manger.

(And if you’re a fan of farm animals, I counted two live sheep and a goat along the way).

Southminster will present Journey to Bethlehem again Saturday from 5-8 p.m. There is no admission. The presentation takes about half an hour to go through.

A couple more pictures after the jump.

A sleeping inn keeper.
A guide leads visitors through the journey.