Three things to be thankful for in Prairie Village

Happy Thanksgiving, readers. What with it being a time of thoughtful reflection and all, we won’t be posting much today. But we did want to share three things we’re thankful for about living in Prairie Village:

1.) Phenomenal public schools. And involved parents willing to fight for them. It says a lot about an area when people move there specifically for the education opportunities available to their kids. So it’s understandable that parents get more than a little worked up about proposals that would change a system producing great results.

2.) Great public safety officers. And the low crime we have as a result. If you need evidence that the police department takes its job seriously, look no further than Tuesday’s arrest of three burglars who’d broken into a home near 76th Street and State Line Road. A helicopter? A K-9 unit? Message to would-be criminals: not around here.

3.) Houses that (mostly) hold their value. Due largely in part to the aforementioned items, homes in the Prairie Village area (and throughout Johnson County) have fared much better during the subprime meltdown than the rest of the country. Turns out people really want to live in a place that has a real sense of community (thank you, J.C. Nichols).

What are you thankful for about living in Prairie Village, dear readers?