Squeaky wheel getting the grease, or process working as it should? KC newsies differ on school board meeting outcome

Four local reporters and columnists took a few moments on KCPT’s Kansas City Week in Review this weekend to weigh in on the Shawnee Mission board of education’s meeting last week.

Chris Hernandez

The Kansas City Star’s Steve Kraske, who has a child attending middle school in the area, disagreed with his colleague Mike Hendricks’s assessment that the board’s actions were a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

“The board listened to what the patrons were saying,” Kraske said. “To me, it was the board doing what boards are supposed to do. And that is listening to patrons, realizing that maybe they had made some mistakes, and adjusting on the fly.”

(For what it’s worth, that is essentially what we were arguing here).

NBC Action News’s Chris Hernandez, on the other hand, said the outcome of the meeting was likely to strike people outside the SM East area as a case of a powerful few leveraging their influence to get what they wanted.

“I think a lot of people outside this process will look at this and say, ‘Oh, Shawnee Mission East people. They’re rich. They’re getting what they want,'” Hernandez said.